Sunday, October 21, 2007

Amusing story about my latest TOTK draft

Here's why my latest draft of TOTK isn't quite ready for prime time...

As I told you before, I had the draft professionally printed and bound for convenience, as well as so my family could get their first look at this project I've been talking to them about for years and haven't let them read.

So far, both my grandmother and mother have told me it's a great story, but that I could use an editor. In fact, I was embarrassed to discover my mother laughing over a certain scene where Pierre leans down to pet Tiny - a chapter after Tiny's emotional deathbed scene. (This is what happens when you cut and paste too much while writing on computer, I guess.)

Really, I'm glad she pointed it out while I still have time to fix the gaffe. This is why I wanted a new printout. I would have never caught that error onscreen.



At Mon Oct 22, 05:16:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey!! So this may seem random but its "pandapotato" from FP. I was checking in on the site for the first time in FOREVER and thought I'd cruise over here and say hello.

My road to publication so far has been bumpy and filled with potholes, so no deal yet, but i'd love to catch up! Email me: Amandayawriter at yahoo dot com

good luck!



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