Tuesday, November 03, 2009

In which I am late... as usual...

I know it's been a LONG time since I've posted here. Grad school will do that to you. The good news is, I am almost finished! Assuming I pass both my classes this last semester, I will be DONE! (Yay!)

That means more time for writing. But, more importantly, more time for querying!

I also have some big news on the FictionPress front, although if you read Sarah J. Maas's (S.J. Maas), Mandy Hubbard's (MandyHubbard), Savannah J. Foley's (Svonnah-la-fay), June Hur's (J.E. Wyatt), Renee Carter's (Pen-Ink), Alexandra Shostak's (frozeninmotion), or Rachel Simon's (bringmayflowers) blogs or FictionPress pages, you probably already know about it, since I am the last of the group to make this announcement. The deal is, we have started a new blog, called Let the Words Flow, that is geared towards FictionPress writers (and former writers) who are serious about getting published. All of the contributors got our starts on FictionPress and are now either querying agents, have an agent, or have books out on the shelves.

It's an exciting thing to open a dialogue about how you go from an online story to a "real" book. We're hoping you will take an active part in the conversation. So, please check out Let the Words Flow, and let us know what you think!

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