Wednesday, October 25, 2006


If you're interested in how I came up with my characters. Well, mostly they evolved as I was writing them... None more than the character of Pierre, who was a total enigma to me when I began the section where he arrives into Abby's life in Thorn of the Kingdom. He revealed himself to me in layers, just as he did to Abby (whose character was a completely different story. As soon as I realized her story needed to be told from her perspective, her voice was just there.)

However, in recent trollings of YouTube, I rediscovered this Alanis Morissette video, which I remember really making an impression on me when it first came out. (I think I completely missed the point of the song, but that's okay.):

Keep a close eye on the guy on left side of the split-screen. (Yeah, I know it's the same guy on both. But he's not dressed up like the "knight in shining armor" on the right side.)


Well, yeah, a little bit.

Of course, my other big influence on his character was Michael Vartan's version of Lancelot in The Mists of Avalon TV movie. Michael Vartan in

(Thanks to Two Evil Monks for the photo.)

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